Monday news link-a-mania

Cage Would Ride Again
Nicolas Cage has told Coming Soon that he’s ready to play Ghost Rider again, and is just waiting for the producers to give him the call. Might be a long wait, unless he’s prepared to do a straight-to-DVD movie.

Pretender to be Resurrected?
The creators of ’90s series The Pretender have told Sci Fi Wire that they’re planning to resurrect the show on a “digital platform” (which presumably means downloadable from the web). They also say that they’re in talks with the original show’s star Michael T Weiss to resume his role as Jarod, a man who could assume other people’s identities and skills.

Is Bale the new latest John Connor?
Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Christian Bale is in negotiations to star in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, which will be directed by McG.