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Mary McDonnell set to Scre4m


Scream 4 ’s casting news continues apace this morning as Battlestar Galactica ’s Mary McDonnell and Mad Men ’s Alison Brie have joined the slasher sequel.

No news yet on which characters they’ll be playing, though we’re wondering if McDonnell will be replacing Lauren Graham as Emma Roberts’ (rather older) mother.

Clearly the production is continuing the original trilogy’s favouring of TV stars - as well as Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell, the first two films alone also feature Sarah Michelle Gellar and Joshua Jackson in cameos.

Just yesterday, Scream 4 also gained TV geek Adam Brody, as well as former Jericho cast member Erik Knudsen.

And considering all the other previous reported castings, this new Ghostface has his work cut out for him in the slashing department – just how many victims is he going to pile up this time?

Scream ing for more? Or wish they’d left the franchise alone?