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Killer Movie Fish: Infographic

Bait is the latest entry in the celebrated ‘killer fish attack’ subgenre, finding a bunch of shoppers trapped in an Australian supermarket after a tsunami. And roaming the aisles is a blood-thirsty Great White Shark. ..

From the nefarious nibble-power of the pint-sized Piranha piranhas, to the supersized food-hole of the megalodon in Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus , our fishy foes have always varied in size.

So, thanks to the below infographic, we now have the answer to the question that’s plagued cinemagoers since Steven Spielberg first dipped a toe in the water: does size (of the fish) matter?

Well, here’s the answer:

Infographic designed by Elliot Cardona

[ Click on the infographic to see a larger version ]

So, unless you’re a piranha, size really does matter when it comes to kill counts.

Bait is available on DVD and 2D/3D Blu-ray from 29 April 2013.