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Johnny Depp fancies Brad Pitt for The Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp has chucked two very big names in the air with regard to the title role in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie.

Depp, who will play sidekick Tonto in the film, mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he’d quite like Brad Pitt or George Clooney to take on the part.

“There’s so many interesting possibilities out there,” he muses. “Brad [ Pitt ] would be great. [ George ] Clooney would be great. Don’t know who it’s going to be just yet.”

Considering most actors would give their left arm to work with Depp, we’re sure both Pitt and Clooney would give any offers serious thought. Perhaps the Ocean's 11 co-stars might even tussle it out in a gunslinger contest to see who is most deserving of the honour.

Meanwhile, Depp added that Ranger will be sensitive in its depiction of Native Americans, stating: “Native Americans in cinema, over the past however many decades, have been treated somewhat shabbily. This one has plans to rectify that.”