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Dear John triumphs over Avatar

Of all the flicks that might take on Avatar and win, this was probably the last title on most lists.

Proving to be the biggest box office draw this weekend, Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum’s emotional rom-com Dear John bowed with an impressive $32.4m.

And, in the process, it curtailed Avatar ’s eight week monopoly on the top spot, bumping it to second. Cameron shouldn’t be too upset, though. The nine-time Oscar nominee is now the number one UK film of all time.

In third place this week was John Travolta’s From Paris With Love (below), which managed to wrestle $8.1m from those people not glued to the telly for the Superbowl, while Edge Of Darkness held fast in fourth place with $7m.

The Rock’s embarrassing looking Tooth Fairy rounded out the top five with a $6.5m loot. Pretty rough for a family outing.

Crazy Heart jumped into eighth place in the top ten, no doubt bolstered by its Oscar nomination, while Legion and Sherlock Holmes clung onto the tail end of the chart with $3.4m and $2.3m respectively.

Surprised by who took out Avatar ? Pleased? Shocked? Awed? Shove it in the comments box...