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Cannes '06 line-up revealed

There are those who think that the Cannes Film Festival is one big journo/starlet love-in; where the occasional, slightly dangerous low-budget flick manages to achieve mainstream crossover, amid the beach parties and champagne breakfasts. It’s true.

But this year, they’re shifting the goalposts on us. As well as the previously announced opening screening of Ron Howard’s Da Vinci Code, those clever people at Cannes have added X-Men: The Last Stand, The Fountain, Over The Hedge, Babel and Pan’s Labyrinth to their roster.

X-Men 3 won’t be shown in competition, unlike Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain which will feature in the official selection.

It was felt that this year's festival was shifting to a more mainstream vibe after the announcement that 2046 helmer Wong Kar Wai had been installed as jury president.

Also confirmed for screening is 20 minutes of footage from Oliver Stone’s controversial 9/11 flick World Trade Center. Other movies vying to make the line-up are Steve Soderbergh’s The Good German and a possible slot for Kevin Smith’s Clerks 2.

Keep scanning and Total Film magazine for news and reviews on the 59th Cannes Film Festival which kicks off on 17th May.