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Bowen finds A Horrible Way To Die

Horror regular AJ Bowen ( The House Of The Devil, Creepshow 3 ) has signed on to star in a new thriller brilliantly titled A Horrible Way To Die .

The thriller’s being helmed by Adam Wingard, who has directed a bunch of flicks you’ve probably never heard of it, including 2007’s Pop Skull , and a handful of shorts.

Is there a great plot to go along with the killer title? Sorta. Bowen will play an escaped murderer, who stalks a small town in search of his ex-girlfriend (Amy Seimetz), who has now shacked up with a new fella (Joe Swanberg).

So far, so Halloween -ish. But it’s the title that’s getting us psyched – will this be a serial killer spin on Final Destination (itself a supernatural spin on serial killer flicks), whereby a variety of inventively slasherific death scenes run rampant?

Are we supposed to sympathise with Bowen? Is this a killer film entirely from the killer’s POV (ala Dexter )? And, most of all, what are those horrible ways to die? Watch this space.

We can think of a few horrible ways to die, can you..?