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Bean saddles up for The Magnificent Eleven

Grit-and-gristle comedy The Magnificent Eleven has signed Sean Bean, Dougray Scott and Robert Vaughan to its cast list.

The latter is the last surviving star of The Magnificent Seven , the film that Eleven is updating to modern times.

Directed by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, Eleven is a British production that relocates the original western to present day. The cowboys are now members of an amateur football team, while the Indians own a local Tandoori restaurant. The bandits are a group of thugs led by the ominous Blonde Bob.

In a (slightly sterile) statement, producer John Adams said:

“Having worked with Irvine Welsh on his feature film Good Arrows , I am certain that the team we have assembled for The Magnificent Eleven can deliver a quality feature film with massive commercial potential."

Ready for a modern spin on an old classic?