Ashton Kutcher finds action comedy Five Killers

Ashton Kutcher is usually found in comedies, but now he’s adding a little action into the comedy mix for Five Killers.

Kutcher will star as a former hit man who finds his life in turmoil when someone from his past orders him killed, according to Variety .

Just what is it with former hit men? You never hear of them simply retiring and having a nice quiet life in front of a roaring fire with a pipe and slippers.

Robert Luketic directing

21 helmer Robert Luketic has agreed to direct the film for Lionsgate, and will kick into gear on the film as soon as he finishes work on rom com The Ugly Truth for Sony.

Kutcher, meanwhile, will go into full method preparation for the film by having everyone he’s ever Punk’d track him down and try to murder him.