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Anne Hathaway: Kung fu heroine?

Here’s a possible career move we definitely didn’t see coming: Anne Hathaway is rumoured to be joining Jack Black and Stephen Chow in the director/actor’s latest film.

We already knew that Chow had ditched directing The Green Hornet to concentrate on his own projects, but now China’s Oriental Morning Post reports that he’ll making his Hollywood as-yet-untitled debut with Black and Hathaway.

Of course, this could all be pie in the sky, but one of Chow’s company reps, Wei Dasen, says he’s busy penning the script and that it’ll be “about a superhero, action-packed, special effects-rich, and of course funny."

So, business as usual, then.

If Hathaway does decide to do it, it could be the greatest idea since Carrie-Anne Moss did The Matrix. Or it could be Halle Berry and Catwoman.

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Do you think Anne Hathaway makes a good arse-kicker? Did she prove her mettle in Get Smart?