Alba gets The Eye

It doesn’t look like Jessica Alba will be kicking back on a beach once she’s wrapped Fantastic Four And The Silver Surfer. Having already committed to a stack of flicks, including Sin City 2, the Californian cutie is thinking of adding palm-dampening thriller The Eye to her bulging to-do list.

Based on the Hong Kong horror from sibling directors Danny and Oxide Pang, the tale follows a cornea transplant patient who witnesses disturbing images in the mirror and makes it her mission to find out what happened to the eye’s original owner.

The remake rights were hoovered up in 2002 by Paramount, at the request of Cruise/Wagner productions. But when producing partners Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner lost their original lead Renee Zellweger, the project slipped into limbo.

Step forward Lionsgate, who have hired French directing duo David Moreau and Xavier Palud and will begin shooting at the end of the year.

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