Adam Sandler knows Jack (and Jill)

Having a production company based at a studio means that stars are constantly being pelted with new scripts that the executives think they’ll like. But having that level of clout means they can turn down most of the dross and select their own material.

Take Adam Sandler. He has his Happy Madison company all set up at Sony and now the studio has nabbed spec comedy Jack And Jill by the excellently named Ben Zook, an actor who has more recently turned his hand to writing and directing. He also has scripts tumbling through the development washing machine at New Line and Revolution Studios.

Sandler will develop the movie and is considering starring in it. The crafty executives, fearing a rush by all the other studios to cash in on the idea, have limited the info about Jack’s plot to a brief mention of fraternal twins. Stay tuned for news as to whether they go up a hill, if a pail of water is involved and whether there are any resulting injuries…