College, chaos and cruddy neighbours

New promos for House Bunny, Quarantine and Lakeview Terrace

Today’s Trailer Park entries couldn’t be more different if they tried. First off, we have House Bunny, which sees a Playboy bunny (Anna Faris) forced out of the mansion and recruited to help a struggling sorority find some new pledges before they lose their house. MySpaceTV got the footage.

Quarantine, meanwhile, sees a TV reporter and her crew trapped inside a building that’s been cut off and locked down by authorities after a mysterious infection breaks out. Adapted from Spanish thriller REC, It goes in for some Cloverfield-style wobbly-cam action and you can see it over at .

Finally, over at Lakeview Terrace, Samuel L Jackson’s LAPD cop (and power-crazed resident association president) is sick of Patrick Wilson and his relationship with Kerry Washington. And he wants them off his motherf*cking plane. Okay, not quite – but he’s trying to force them out of their dream home. And since the film’s 12A, we doubt there’ll be much swearing. The official site has the trailer.

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