Vimeo Festival schedule unveiled

Ted Hope

Hollywood producer Ted Hope and British director Lucy Walker are among the talent being lined up for this year's Vimeo Festival + Awards.

A two-day event presided over by online video-sharing website Vimeo, the New York-based festival seeks to unite more traditional film festivals with information-intensive talks that educate and entertain those interested in creative video production.

“We have tried to bring together an experience that is a hybrid between a traditional film festival and a conference, which looks through the lens of online creativity,” said Jeremy Boxer, co-director of the Vimeo Festival and Awards.

“The public will be able to see works that have previously been confined to the small screen explode onto the cinema screen. The talks and workshops will be a place for attendees to learn from and inspire each other.”

Lucky Walker and director Morgan Spurlock will be on hand to discuss the ways in which the documentary landscape has shifted over the years, while Wired blogger Bruce Sterling will be peering into the future of digital culture.

Split into the themes of Innovation and Inspiration, each day offers something different. For the full schedule rundown, head on over here .

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