The upcoming PS4 games for 2019 and beyond


It could be an exciting year in terms of upcoming PS4 games. Not only are there a tonne of top notch PS4 games still without a release date, including The Last of Us 2, and Ghost of Tsushima, but this could also be the year we get our first glimpse of PS5. It's an exciting time indeed. But, for now, here's all the upcoming PS4 games to get excited about for 2019 (and beyond).

A note on this list: it's all done in release date order, and we've picked out the biggest games we know about that are 100% confirmed to appear. These upcoming PS4 games aren't necessarily exclusives either, so some will appear on other consoles, and most will be Pro enhanced, so you should consider picking up a PS4 Pro deal ASAP. And for those that have a virtual reality element to them, be sure to check out the best PlayStation VR bundles here.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Release date: March 12, 2019
Genre: Action RPG

What is it? The sequel to the original Division title from Ubisoft; an online shooter / RPG experience set in Washington DC

Why it's so interesting: The Division was originally met with joyous adulation for its Destiny-esque persistent online multiplayer, but beyond the main storyline and a few brief outings to the Dark Zone, it couldn't really hold the player base. But now, with The Division 2, we're going to do it all again, and Ubisoft is promising it's much, much better. Rather than a New York setting, The Division 2 takes us to Washington DC where the post-pandemic world needs order restoring and someone - you - to prevent the entire collapse of the city. It relies on team work, character building and a lot of bullets, and should be incredible - post apocalyptic - fun. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice screenshot

Release date: March 22, 2019

What is it? The brand new game from the studio that brought you Dark Souls, Demon Souls and Bloodborne, but this time it's samurai themed. 

Why it's so interesting: A brand new IP from FromSoftware is a big deal. These are the guys that are responsible for making some of the hardest, and most divisive games, on the planet, so for FromSoftware to be doing a samurai-inspired title is a massive. It's part stealth, part action, part ohdeargodthisissohard. The graphics are stunning, the combat complex, the baddies bad, ugly and very mean, and it should be one of the games to go down in history. 

Days Gone

Release date: April 26, 2019   
Genre: Horror/Action-adventure

What is it? With the world seemingly in ruins, it's time to avoid hordes of Freakers. Yes, they can run. 

Why it's so interesting: Zombie games might be a dime a dozen at this point, but Days Gone, Sony Bend Studio's open-world, post-apocalyptic third-person adventure, treats the not-quite-dead a bit differently. Squeezing into drifter Deacon St. John’s boots, you’re attempting to live out the end of the world on the dangerous open road. You have to learn how to manage a swarm of infected called Freakers - who aren't actually dead - if you want to survive. These disgusting creatures flood through the environment, forcing you to run for your life, pulling down objects in the environment to slow their charge. While you can shoot a machine gun or toss a grenade into the crowd, your ammo reserves won't last forever, so you'll need to come up with more creative ways to overcome the swarm. 

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