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The upcoming PS4 games for 2020 and beyond

The upcoming PS4 games for 2020 and beyond
(Image credit: Naughty Dog / CD Projekt Red / Ubisoft / Sucker Punch)

As the PS4 release calendar hots up, you'll want to pencil in all of these delicious upcoming PS4 games into your diary. We've got some of the most highly anticipated titles of the console cycle inbound, such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The Last of Us 2, and Cyberpunk 2077 - to name a few. Not to mention we've also got the PS5 on the horizon along with a generous helping of upcoming PS5 games. One things for sure: there's a lot to get excited about.  

We've put this list together in release date order, so you can stay on top of all the releases as they come out. And we've picked out the biggest games we know about that are 100% confirmed. It's important to note that these upcoming PS4 games aren't necessarily exclusives either, so some will appear on other consoles. You can get in-depth insight on the best upcoming PS4 games by subscribing to Official PlayStation Magazine in print or digital at a saving of up to 54%.

So without further ado, here's all the upcoming PS4 games to get excited about.

Doom Eternal

The upcoming PS4 games for 2020 and beyond

Release date: March 20, 2020
Genre: Action

What is it? A direct sequel to 2016's Doom with more weapons, moves, and metal music. 

Why is it so interesting? Just when you thought 2016's Doom gave you your fill of demon slaying action with reactive metal music, id Software drops the news that we're getting Doom Eternal. As a direct sequel, Doom Eternal promises to bigger and better, with combat that's really taking a step up with the addition of new weapons and a grappling hook. The story is much grander in scale too, with Doomguy jumping across dimensions to locations like Mars and Heaven in a bid to try and save Earth from being completely destroyed. And as if that wasn't enough already, it also features a new multiplayer mode that'll let you control demons and take on a fully kitted out Doom slayer. Oh, and there's a shiny collectors edition with a life-size wearable Preator helmet. Hell yeah. 

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Resident Evil 3 Remake

The upcoming PS4 games for 2020 and beyond

(Image credit: Capcom)

Release date: April 3, 2020  
Genre: Survival horror

What is it? A remaster of the original, and brilliant, Resident Evil 3 - in the same vein as Resident Evil 2.

Why is it so interesting? Seeing what a great job the team at Capcom did with Resident Evil 2 Remake, the hype for this Resident Evil 3 remake is high. If you missed the original, it's set during the outbreak of the T-virus, and marks the debut of Nemesis - a horrendous, towering humanoid bioweapon capable of being incredibly smart, but also ridiculously brutal. Not the combination you want in a foe, really. It'll feature an action-packed single-player campaign, but also a new asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer game known as Resident Evil Resistance. As the Mastermind behind the scenes, you can play as key Resident Evil characters to pull off a series of deadly experiments to snare hapless Survivors. You can even control bioweapons like G-Birkin and the Tyrant. As the Survivors, you'll need to work together to stand a chance of escape.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Release date: April 10, 2020 
Genre: JRPG

What is it? Remember that time in 1997 when you cried a lot because of what happened to Aerith? Get ready for that again, but with better graphics.

Why is it so interesting? After decades of false rumours, developer denials, and harsh trolls, one of the most highly anticipated game remakes has been announced. Sony showed Final Fantasy 7 Remake off at its press conference back at E3 2015, and we've only recently finally gotten an actual release date and seen the whole gang in action at E3 2019. It'll be more action based than the original with real-time combat mixed in turn-based (much to some purists' dismay), and it's still set to come out in several instalments, which makes sense when you think about just how huge FF7 is and how many discs it first came out on...

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Predator: Hunting Grounds

The upcoming PS4 games for 2020 and beyond

(Image credit: Sony)

Release date: April 24, 2020
Genre: Platformer

What is it? A new multiplayer shooter based on the Predator movies.

Why is it so interesting? This PS4 exclusive shooter offers an asymmetrical multiplayer experience, where you either play as a member of an elite Fireteam, which aims to complete various paramilitary operations, and escaping via helicopter, before the Predator finds you. Or, you play as the Predator itself, hunting down Fireteam members using its deadly alien tech from camouflage to bows and wristblades. Both the humans and the Predator have different class types available, with unlockables to discover as you play. 

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2

Release date: May 29, 2020   
Genre: Action adventure

What is it? The sequel from Naughty Dog to the phenomenal The Last of Us which sees you battle fungi-infected zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

Why is it so interesting? Because the world is split as to whether The Last of Us ever needed a sequel in the first place. Of course there was plenty of apocalypse still to tell the story of but did we need to see what Joel and Ellie did next? Well we're about to find out and it's not going to be pretty. Confirmed to take place partly in Seattle, The Last of Us part 2 hasn't revealed much story but plenty of brutal violence as humanity attempts to survive, five years after Joel and Ellie's original outing. In case you hadn't worked it out. Survival isn't easy and empathy looks like it's at an all time low. 

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Ghost of Tsushima

The upcoming PS4 games for 2020 and beyond

(Image credit: Sucker Punch)

Release date: June 26, 2020  
Genre: Open-world adventure.

What is it? An open-world samurai game from the developer of Infamous.

Why is it so interesting? For us, Ghost of Tsushima was a highlight from Sony's bizarre E3 2018 press conference. We saw central character, Jin, taking on several Mongol enemies while his village burned from their attack in 1274 Japan. It looks utterly stunning, with leaves falling delicately from trees, and a glowing sunset burning in the background. We also see horse-riding, stealth, and some sword-play, which looks more like the kind of tactical fighting you'd expect from For Honor, rather than a quick and simple hack and slash. The E3 demo finishes with a 'boss fight' of sorts, as Jin's closest ally turns on him, and we really see the action in full flow, with swipes, parries, and so much back and forth swordplay. 

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Marvel's Avengers

The upcoming PS4 games for 2020 and beyond

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Release date: September 4, 2020   
Genre: Action adventure

What is it? Crystal Dynamics doing its own take on a Marvel's Avengers game, putting superhero powers in your hands. 

Why is it so interesting? Think Destiny, but instead of Guardian Classes you're picking to play as one of the four Avengers – Captain America, Hulk, Iron-Man and Thor. It might not look like it from the trailers we've seen so far, but after playing some of the game's campaign and talking to the developers, this game has some serious depth, and will offer players ongoing content for months, if not years, after release – also a la Destiny. Yes, these might not be the MCU's Avengers, but gosh do I want to play as them. 

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Release date: September 17, 2020  
Genre: Action-RPG

What is it? A new game from CD Projekt Red, the creators of the hugely successful Witcher series.

Why is it so interesting? Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person RPG  that places a heavy emphasis on personal modding and action, and while it's still as deep an RPG as you'd expect, it's way more action-heavy than CD Projekt's previous game, The Witcher 3. One gameplay example we've seen is that you can shoot through enemies while hacking their weaponry with your mind, and scanning the environment with visual enhancements. Everything looks gorgeous in-game, and there's a real distinct look to everything, with the inhabitants of the city ranging from barely enhanced humans to outlandishly modified gangsters and technologically advanced drones. During E3 2019, we learnt a lot of new information, including the fact you'll be able to finish the game without committing a single kill, and freaking Keanu Reeves, who will be playing a big role in the RPG, took to the stage to reveal the long awaited release date. 

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Gods & Monsters

Gods & Monsters

Release date: TBC 2020
Genre: Adventure

What is it? A new storybook adventure in a world of Greek mythology from the creators behind Assassin's Creed Odyssey. 

Why is it so interesting? The team behind Assassins Creed Odyssey announced at E3 2019 that it is breaking free from the limitations of the history books to bring us a new fantastical adventure based on the stories of Greek Mythology. As the hero of the story, the gods of Olympus turn to you for help, and bestow you with their powers to take on all the mythological creatures who have invaded the Isle of the Blessed. You'll work to save the gods and face down the most fearsome and powerful mythological creature of all. Gods & Monsters is wrapped up in a beautiful painterly style that promises to deliver one very charming and interesting open-world adventure. 

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