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Tweets Of The Week

They’ve been going Twitter-tastic on the set of Doctor Who ’s New York episode over the past week. Not only has Arthur Darvill been pegging people left, right and centre*, but Karen Gillan finally took the plunge, embraced the spambots and entered the Twittersphere. This means that hopefully we won’t have to put up with pointless imposters from now on (seriously, who in their right mind does that?), or those who like to point out incessantly that obvious fakers are fakers...

The highlights of her time on Twitter so far: 50,000 followers in less than 24 hours, forgetting to turn her email notifications off (we’d hate to see that inbox), cress puns and a brief exchange with former Who companion Nicola Bryant. Our personal highlight: the description of herself as a “bit moony” in her bio. Oh, Pond, why do you have to leave us so soon?

@ KarenGillan2 Amy's stuff

@ CaroSkinner The moment that fateful decision was made: to tweet or not to tweet...??!! @RattyBurvil @karengillan2 @steven_moffat

@ RattyBurvil so @KarenGillan2 has NOT turned off her email notifications and her battery has died. Cue 50000 emails. Today just got so much better.

*And if you didn’t know what pegging is...

@ RattyBurvil you got pegged @KarenGillan2 #evilpeg

You're not safe either @CaroSkinner

WATCH OUT FOR THE PEG!!! @steven_moffat

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ AnthonySHead Went to see #CabinInTheWoods tonight - just brilliant. If you haven't seen it, it's a must - Joss and Drew are genii!

@ AllCharisma Teacher's pet! " @AnthonySHead : Went 2 C #CabinInTheWoods 2night -Brilliant. If U haven't seen it, it's a must - Joss %26 Drew are genii!"

@ JRichardKelly Also great to see Fran Kranz in TCITW. Fran was Frank's clown passenger in DONNIE DARKO.

@ stephenfry Phew! Got all emotional after shooting my final scene on the Hobbit. Preparing for home over the weekend.

@ Josh_Friedman Tried teaching 7yrold @ taking responsibility 4 emotions by telling how dicky I was on TSCC notes calls. Ended up convincing him WBros sux.

David Slade

@ DAVID_A_SLADE Daredevil update is that there is no real Daredevil update. We all want to make it but its going slow, %26 details are too boring to print

I am focussing on Hannibal hoping after that to be able to get a burst of energy back on DD.

@ Paul_Cornell 'If you're calling to say Human Nature was great but Blink was so much better, and why don't you write another episode, press two...'

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