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Tweets Of The Week

A sci-fi royal wedding, Eric Balfour keeping it real and find out which Angel alumni is guest starring in season three of Warehouse 13 in this week’s tweets

The Royal Wedding. There we said it, and we know you’ve heard everything there is to hear about it by now, but SFX isn’t simply going to add to the chorus of media outlets gushing over Kate’s dress or speculating on a honeymoon destination. While the rest of the world it seems was glued to the TV last Friday, SFX had its eyes firmly fixed on the Twitter where the Royal Wedding was being filtered through a much more fun sci-fi lens, on both sides of the pond.

@ TobyHadoke Oh, I'm moved. They're doing Jerusalem, the hymn from the bit in Quatermass and the Pit when gravel moves. A clear nod to classic TV sci-fi.

@ Paul_Dini I swear there are a couple of Daleks mixed in with the flower girls.

@ JRichardKelly A lot of these female wedding guests are wearing dresses straight out of THE FIFTH ELEMENT.

At the peak of Royal Wedding fervour on Twitter (the moment the world first caught glimpse of that dress) there were over 146 wedding tweets per second. But even this couldn’t compare to 6:45pm on Saturday evening, when the entire UK it seems erupted in a moment of outspoken bafflement thanks to Steven Moffat’s brain-hurty “Day Of The Moon”. Fortunately writer James Moran was on hand to clear things up:

@ jamesmoran For those confused by Doctor Who's interlocking plotlines, they DO make sense if you consult my handy diagram:

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ ERICBALFOUR Let me clear something up. Recession + Family + Bills = DINOSHARK. Just the way it goes sometimes...

@ Jon_Favreau The credit sequence from Game of Thrones is more entertaining than most tv shows.

@ Mike_Dougherty TOY STORY 4: Now an emotionally stunted adult, Andy Davis hunts down Buzz, Woody, and his other toys, murdering those who stand in his way.

@ EddieMcClintock Hey, @ AllCharisma , here's a pic with my new friend @ jaugustrichards ! Great guy, great actor!

@ steven_moffat With my 9 year old, playing at The Empty Child on the TARDIS set. Beat that, all other Dads.

@ DavidGArnold New film out called Hannah.haven't seen it,but hopes that as thor has a hammer,I hope Hannah has a spanner

@ warrenellis #doctorwhospoilers Amy Pond discovers the "vibrate" function on the sonic screwdriver and is never seen again

@ stephenfry Had the pleasure of seeing Thor yesterday. I was completely thrilled and wowed by it. Tom Hiddleston a new screen star for sure.

@ simonpegg New Harry Potter trailer is absolutely cracking. Shame it's in 3D though. So doesn't need it. Talk about gilding the Lily (Potter).

@ BBC_Torchwood How's this for a Fraterday picture?! We suspect a wave of TWMD promo's should be released soon. Very hopeful!

@ leeunkrich RT @ cathicks : Fully prepared for Pixar's Jurassic Park screening.