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Tweets Of The Week

Our favourite tweeters and zombie survival tips in this week’s tweets

Regular Tweets Of The Week readers may have noticed one or two names making a repeat appearance in our 7-day rundown of the latest celeb twittering. The simple fact is some of those in the spotlight are better tweeters than others. Some tweet too much (@ kevinjsmith ), some too little (@ ericstoltz ), some accounts are run by boring PRs and some insist on tweeting about little other than the movie/tv show/energy drink they’re promoting that week.

On the other hand some may not tweet that often, but it’s always 100% fried gold (@ NathanFillion ), whereas others may tweet too much, but the hits are high enough that we can forgive (@ serafinowicz ). For our money then some of the best tweeters around are @ wilw and @ simonpegg , who never fail to raise a titter and are always welcome on the timeline. The most bewildering tweeters, however, are easily bonkers Crank directorial hybrid Neveldine and Taylor – take their latest gem: @ neveldinetaylor Nicolas just almost physically transformed into a werewolf in mid-take..... We are tripping balls. We’re not sure whether to be worried or excited.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ colinferg Oh my lil xbox....I need more ethernet cable... I don't trust that wireless voodoo not to screw me .

@ kyle_newman @ starwars @ dave_filoni Woah! Talk about SECRETS REVEALED!! Ziro the Hutt is straight?!?! .

@ BRIANMBENDIS found the first issues. first printing of walking dead kirkman sent me years ago. sold! pack up the kids honey, we're going to hawaii :)

@ Paul_Dini So the GLEE kids all sing & dance flawlessly yet are supposed to be losers. What race of atomic supermen is their competition?

@ wilw True fact: doing the Jar-Jar voice was a challenge, because I'd blocked out the entire memory of suffering through Phantom Menace.

@ DAVID_A_SLADE I buy CDs and I buy Blu Rays, you just can't get a decent copy using bit torrents. .

@ radiomaru poor mary had to wear tiny short skirts for 6 months because of my drawings :( #SCOTTPILGRIM .

@ NathanFillion Important things to consider for zombie attack: Chinatown- samurai sword replicas are excellent. No ammo, and won't stick like an axe.

@ ChloeGMoretz ahh!! mom..soo christmas is coming up i really want a Miu Miu clutch %26 Call of Duty Black Ops =D thats my xmas list

@ TimOfLegend Finally reading Scott Pilgrim. Holy crap there's a Monkey Island joke in here! Good swordfighting insult, too.

@ simonpegg My BSG call sign would be 'Coffee Bean' due to my viper piloting skills being arguably better than Starbuck's.

@ kevwilliamson Writing. Deadline. Pressure. All this Damon angst takes time.

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.