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Tweets Of The Week

Typically we might include something like this in our regular Friday Spurious Awards, but as we didn’t dish out any awards on Friday, it’s up to Tweets Of The Week to pick up the slack. When Neil Gaiman expressed concern at the inevitability of leaving his hat on a plane the deranged responses exemplified all that’s great about Twitter at its most absurd. Read it and revel in the brilliance.

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The SFX Twitter Stream

@ rcjohnso One argument for me engaging now in the Looper discussions: in 6 months I'm not going to remember how ANY of this shit works.

@ ManMadeMoon Just had a little sci-fi world building idea that made me squee. Going to slip it into "the script that shall not be named." :)

@ DamonLindelof Sawyer's nicknames and everything frustrating. RT @Viewtiful_Dante What part of the Lost script were you responsible for?

@ MattStrevens1 Off for the second viewing of the season finale. It's looking great as are the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse . One of the gang ends up...

Sorry you'll just have to wait and see. #misfits

@ mishacollins Yeah, gangstas! #season8 is in the house.

@ BRIANMBENDIS Looper is the best Sci fi movie since the original matrix. Outstanding production, script and acting

@ Josh_Friedman I divide my friends into 2 categories: those who've seen @rcjohnso 's #Looper %26 those that aren't my friends anymore.

@ radiomaru people hating on looper is something i literally can not handle. i think i would go into a catatonic state or something

@ BenAffleck House of Stark RT @annaswnsn : @BenAffleck which house do you think you would be in on Game of Thrones? #ARGO

@ JeffWadlow Day 23... Nobody puts Daddy in the corner. #kickass2 @ChloeGMoretz

@ DAVID_A_SLADE Just saw the mighty LOOPER and so should you. Great Noir from the future. Nobody writes dialogue like @rcjohnso .

@ RattyBurvil Great card from Hugh skinner.

Jordan Farley
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