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The Smurfs: First picture released

The Smurfs

The Smurfs first official picture has been released.

The picture shows animated smurfs Grouchy, Papa and Clumsy in front of the live-action backdrop of New York’s Time Square.

In the film the blue 3D trio along with Smurfette, Brainy and newby Gutsy are accidentally transported from their village to New York where they find themselves on the run from evil magician Gargamel.

But, Gargamel no longer wants to eat the smurfs. Director Raja Gosnell told USA Today, “We all wondered whether we would be making a family version of Sweeney Todd.” Instead he plans to use them to harness his own magical powers.

Katy Perry, Alan Cumming and Hank Azaria are among those lending their voices to the caper set for release in 2011.

Will the Smurfs beat Avatar to the blue people box-office crown? Leave a comment!