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The Driller Killer getting a Platinum Dunes reboot

Platinum Dunes have greenlit a remake of Abel Ferrara's 1979 horror classic, The Driller Killer .

The original gained cult notoriety when it was given 'video nasty' status. It wasn't released uncut in the UK until 2002, and a Brit remake was mooted a few years ago.

A new generation of moviegoers will now miss out on the original's delirious thrills, thanks to the plan to return the action to art college, to look at the formative years of Reno, the psychopath with a penchant for hand-tools (played by director Ferrara in the original).

Aiming squarely at a younger audience, the film will focus on artistic misfit Reno's struggles to fit in with the cool cliques.

The film's been allocated a reasonable budget, which will probably afford it a glossy music-video sheen.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street reboots proved that too much backstory is poison for scares, and Driller Killer 2.0 seems to have even less reverence for its source than those earlier efforts.

Mark us down as concerned.