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Roland Emmerich setting off to battle Asteroids?


Master of mayhem Roland Emmerich has been offered another epic disaster movie in the form of arcade game adaptation Asteroids .

Universal is currently setting up the adap, which is based on the popular (and archaic) video game first released by Atari in 1979.

In the game, players had to control a spaceship and destroy floating chunks of rock.

The movie would shake up that premise, following humans living in peace alongside aliens on an asteroid belt. Except that’s all a front, because the aliens are the ones who were responsible for Earth’s destruction.

It’s completely silly sounding (what movie based on a game isn’t?), but could involve some fun set-pieces if it gives in to the B movie leanings.

How about just going the whole hog and setting Asteroids up as Independence Day 2 , with Will Smith starring? Makes sense to us.

Emmerich’s next movie, Anonymous , doesn’t involve any aliens or the destruction of Earth, instead revolving around Shakespeare and his possible origins.

Anonymous opens 30 September 2011.