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Resident Evil 6 likely to be last film in the franchise

Resident Evil 6 has been looming on the horizon for some time now, but according to director Paul W.S. Anderson, the next film may well be the last in the franchise.

Anderson revealed that the working title for the film is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter , a moniker that may yet change, but certainly indicates the way the series is going.

"That’s what’s on the title page," says Anderson, when asked how significant that title is. "It’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter , so absolutely."

Production has yet to begin on the project, with Anderson still in the midst of writing a script, so the initial forecast of a 2014 release date is obviously way out.

"I don’t know," said Anderson of when we might see the new film. "Depends how fast I write, I guess. There’s no set date yet but hopefully we’ll have an announcement for that soon."

As to whether the franchise stay dead after the sixth instalment, we'll have to wait and see...

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