Orlando Bloom slapped with lawsuit

See, this is what happens when you become famous and are headhunted by a new talent management company. The old company gets sad and, well, sues you.

Actually, it’s a little trickier than that. The Firm (no, not the one in the Tom Cruise movie), which used to represent Orlando Bloom, has launched a lawsuit alleging that his new agency, Brillstein-Grey, lured him and his manager Aleen Keshishian away, and that they are still owed $600,000 in commissions on projects including Kingdom Of Heaven, Elizabethtown and the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels.

The suit also alleges that Keshishian and Brillstein-Grey actively solicited Bloom to defect while Keshishian was still employed by the Firm and directed him to pay his commissions to Brillstein-Grey.

This can end one of three ways: an out-of-court settlement, a court case or – our favourite – a no-holds barred cage wrestling match between the two companies. Fight, fight, fight!