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Malin Akerman playing Linda Lovelace in Inferno

Malin Akerman

Just yesterday, news broke that Lindsay Lohan had been given the boot from porn biopic Inferno .

Clearly the part of Linda Lovelace is an attractive one, though, as already a replacement has been found, with Swedish Watchmen actress Malin Akerman snapping up the role.

Who knew Hollywood stars were so keen on porno?

Lovelace, of course, is the porn star made famous after she appeared in hardcore film Deep Throat. Later on in life, the actress denounced the porn industry and attested that she’d been forced into the business by her husband.

Inferno is just another project to add to Akerman’s jam-packed slate, which includes Happythankyoumoreplease, Catch .44 , Criminal Empire For Dummies and Wanderlist .

Considering she’s used to being the object of slathering fanboys thanks to that skintight suit in Watchmen , we’re sure she’s more than ready for a role like Lovelace.