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Hellraiser reboot nabs Patrick Lussier

Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier

Hellraiser has long been trying to break free from development hell (and endless mundane DTV sequels) – now it seems it could finally do that with the help of writer Todd Farmer and director Patrick Lussier.

Though recent reports had it that The Roommate director Christian E. Christiansen had stepped in to take on the Hellraiser reboot, Collider have received insider confirmation that frequent collaborators Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier will be taking on the project instead.

Having worked together on 3D offerings My Bloody Valentine and Nic Cage’s upcoming Drive Angry - Farmer writing and Lussier directing - the duo are set to revive the Hellraiser franchise on the big screen with a series re-do.

Which tells us two things: one, it’ll almost certainly be shot in 3D and two, it’ll probably stick to Hellraiser ’s gory roots (the duo have never made a PG-13 horror).

Though Lussier has his detractors (his directing CV includes the likes of Dracula 2000, Dracula II and White Noise 2 ), we’ll give him a chance with this one - if only because his attempt to rescue the Hellraiser series seems honourable. He better get Pinhead right, though, or there'll be hell to pay.