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Dr. Strange gets writers

Dr. Strange

Conan remake writers Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer have been hired to write a script adap of sorcerer supreme Dr. Strange.

The duo, who also recently did a pass on Cowboys & Aliens as well as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune , have been hired by Marvel Man Kevin Feige.

Feige hinted about 18 months ago that Marvel’s 2012 and 2013 slate was likely to include Dr. Strange , the character having been stuck in development hell for years now.

Deadline report that the film will probably be “among the first Marvel films generated under the Disney banner”.

Could Dr. Strange be part of Marvels recent plans to create smaller budgeted superhero flicks for their lesser known heroes? In April it was reported that Marvel were looking to create $20-40m films for characters like Iron Fist and Dr. Strange.

Is it time for the doctor to make his grand post-millennial entrance? Stranger things have happened…

Source: [ Deadline ]

Fan of Dr. Strange? Who do you fancy playing him?