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Brad Pitt playing investigator in Cogans Trade?

Brad Pitt#

Brad Pitt is set to ret-ream with his Assassination Of Jesse James director Andrew Dominik on Cogan’s Trade .

The actor is close to signing on to play the titular Jackie Cogan, a “professional enforcer” who investigates a mob-protected high stakes poker game that was involved in a heist.

Pitt could also be joined by his Jesse James co-stars Casey Affleck and Sam Rockwell, who have both been linked to the project in the last 24 hours.

That’s if Pitt decides to go ahead with Trade after all. Deadline suggest that his next film could in fact be The Gray Man , an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s ‘ex-CIA on the run’ novel.

So, Brad, mobsters or CIA? Time will tell which side of the law Pitt decides to fight on.