Because they're worth it...

It’s fair to say that nothing about Hollywood should really shock us anymore but this one certainly raised Total Film’s eyebrows.

The newly formed Weinstein Co, which is headed up by brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein (see what they did there?), has inked a deal with hair care giant L’Oréal Paris. Before we all get carried away, sitting in front of the TV for hours on end waiting to see Harvey tossing his locks alongside Beyoncé and Eva Longoria, unfortunately the deal is for a two year product placement and marketing partnership.

The renowned French cosmetics company and the New York movie tycoons will be buddying up to promote all Weinstein Co movies and from January the shrewd shampoo sellers will be the exclusive beauty sponsor for all Weinstein Co and Dimension Films premieres. L’Oréal will also be used in movies produced by both companies.

Carol Hamilton, L’Oréal president-general manager, said that the deal furthered the natural association between the worlds of film and beauty. “While it may seem an obvious relationship, especially in the marketing world of omnipresent integrations, this relationship will be truly ground-breaking in its scope and vision,” Hamilton said.

Frank Miller is believed to be hastily re-writing Sin City 2 which may now include a scene where Marv pops home to wash and blow-dry his flat-top.