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Basic Instinct writer returns with erotic thriller Lust

basic instinct

Basic Instinct screenwriter Joe Eszterhas is returning to the movies with a new script entitled Lust .

The writer, who’s best known for his erotic thrillers, took an extended break from Hollywood after his last big production, Showgirls , became the laughing stock of the town.

Sticking to what he’s known for, Eszterhas’ Lust follows a beautiful 30-year-old married woman who is in love with an older fashion magazine publisher.

When she take a business trip to Los Angeles, though, she’s seduced by a younger, charming playboy.

Eszterhas and Lincoln Lawyer producer Scott Steindorff are working together on the project, and plan to shop it around Cannes next month in search of financing.

It’s been a while since Hollywood produced a decent sexy thriller, and Eszterhas could be just the man to resurrect the genre from its watery grave. Less dolphin sex this time around, though, eh?