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Anne Hathaway to star in Barbarella reboot?


Anne Hathaway could be about to don go-go boots and float around in space as action heroine Barbarella.

Or she could not. A mysterious tweet by Pajiba has revealed: “A. Hathaway latest ‘attached’ to Barbarella. Project currently is without a director.”

Which is either the website making a joke that the word ‘attached’ implies Ms Hathaway is physically conjoined with the project – or it’s a cautious relaying of a rumour.

Either way, Hathaway’s name is just what the troubled project needs to give it a bit of a boost. It’s been languishing in that deep, dark place in Hollywood where movies go to die after Robert Rodriguez failed in 2007 to get a reboot off the ground.

Would Anne make a good Barbarella? She’s shown she can handle an action scene with Get Smart , and she’s adept at both comedy and serious drama – something the film will no doubt require. We're sure Jane Fonda approves.