Timothy Olyphant starring in The Crazies

Timothy Olyphant has scored the lead role in Breck Eisner’s remake of George Romero’s horror The Crazies.

The 1973 original saw a small Kansas town beset by madness and death after a plane crashes and releases a bioweapon into the water supply.

The Hollywood Reporter has it that Olyphant will play the town’s sheriff, who must act when his fellow locals start going, well, crazy.


The Crazies will mark a return behind the camera for Eisner, who hasn’t helmed a film since 2005’s Sahara . Let’s hope this one, written by Scott Kosar and Ray Wright, turns out better.

Olyphant’s had a lot of experience being the sheriff of a small town overrun with killers – he spent a few seasons as Sheriff Bullock on the excellent series Deadwood.

Oh, and he agreed to star in the awful Hitman , so he knows what it’s like to suddenly make crazy decisions.

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