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Thirlby stars in alien invasion film

Rising star Olivia Thirlby has nabbed herself a role in upcoming sci-fi flick The Darkest Hour , being produced by Timur Bekmambetov.

The film will follow a collection of American tourists who are visiting Moscow when an alien invasion creates chaos in the Russian city.

According to Heat Vision , Thirlby has landed the part of “a trust fund girl trying to survive the attack who teams up with others to try to defeat the invaders”.

Chris Right At Your Door Gorak is helming the film, while he and Josh Zetumer are re-drafting the current script, which was originally penned by MT Ahern and Leslie Bohem. Filming is set to begin this summer.

Thirlby first came to our attention in Paul Greengrass’ United 93 , and went on to take parts in Juno and The Wackness .

But she’s been off our radar for a while after losing out on the role of Trixie in Speed Rader and George Miller’s binned Justice League film.

Could this be Thirlby’s big break?