The Wild Geese will return

Soldier movie-loving buffs had best look away, just in case you’re tempted to reach for a World War Two-era rifle and charge Hollywood: someone wants to remake The Wild Geese.

That someone is producer Gianni Nunnari, part of Hollywood Gang Productions and one of the suits behind this year’s 300. If Nunnari gets his way, Warner Brothers will be the studio handling the film, though that’s still somewhat up in the air.

A little more solid is the choice of director, as adverts veteran Rupert Sanders snagged the job after chatting with Nunnari about how Wild Geese was among his favourite films. We’ll have to try that trick – have we mentioned how being given lots of money is one of our favourite leisure activities, Gianni?

Still, back to the movie. 1978’s The Wild Geese saw the likes of Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Roger Moore’s eyebrows playing British mercenaries hired to free an imprisoned African leader. Sanders believes it has the right ingredients for today’s audiences: “"It has it all: great characters, action, plot twists and revenge," Sanders blabbed to Variety . "We are making a tough film, taking ex-British soldiers from the murky London underworld to the battlefields in Africa."

Yes, so good, it’s already been done. Any original ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

source:( Variety )

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