The Scariest Movie Merchandise You'll Ever See

Christmas is coming, in case it escaped your attention. So what do you but for the movie lover who has everything? How about… dolls?

Yes, dolls. No, not action figures… Dolls.

The good people over at Tonner Dolls want to tempt you with their Christmas 2008 range, and we’ve got some of the pics in our gallery.

Actually, we’re not sure we can truly recommend all of ‘em, as some look distinctly odd.

Potter and pals

Take Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel in The Golden Compass : while they’ve clearly got the clothing down to a fine art, his face looks more like Joe 90 than the man known as 007.

And the Harry Potter examples aren’t much better. Snape’s pretty good (that sneer must be easy to replicate), but Ron Weasley appears to have undergone a sex change. Looking good, Ronette!

Finally, the less said about Susan from The Chronicles Of Narnia , whose expression gives off the aura of Matt Damon in Team America. It’s just disturbing and yet somehow alluring, all at the same time. And now we hate ourselves.

[Source: Tonner Dolls ]