The Marine trailer reports for duty

For a while there, the chunky-torso action hero, snapping necks and slinging one-liners, was old hat. Heck, maybe he still is but it doesn’t stop Hollywood from churning out tales about buzz-cut butt-kickers single-handedly taking down armies of mercenaries.

The latest of which is The Marine, helmed by newbie John Bonito and starring WWE wrestler John Cena as former marine John Triton. Triton is discharged from Iraq and comes home only to have his wife swiped from under his nose by a nasty gang, headed up by Terminator 2 villain Robert Patrick.

Cue Cena in a ripped T-shirt with ripped muscles ripping chunks from high-kicking henchmen.

Click here to view the trailer and soak up the action.

Source: ( Yahoo Movies )