Tenacious D rock the net

There has been a trailer online for Tenacious D – that’s the awesome musical might of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, for those who don’t know – and their film The Pick Of Destiny for about a week now. Sadly, it was locked behind MTV’s dodgy Overdrive system.

But now it’s out in glorious QuickTime at Yahoo! Movies and we can get a proper look at the madness. Having seen a couple of early scenes from the film at Comic-Con, Total Film can attest that it’s looking to be a hilarious origin story for the D. We meet a young Jack Black as he tries to throw off the shackles of his repressive preacher father (Meatloaf) and heads for Hollywood. There he hooks up with Kyle, and the pair set about forming The Greatest Band In The World™.

Along the way, they discover a mystical guitar pick – and go in search of the legendary item, with its promises of musical greatness. Oh, and they perfect their power slides. The trailer can be viewed by clicking here . The film arrives in November and we can’t wait.

Source: ( Yahoo Movies )