Super 8 casts Kyle Chandler?

Kyle Chandler

Super 8 , the new top secret flick from J.J. Abrams, is still enshrouded in a cloak of mist, but new reports have emerged that Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning have been cast in the flick.

Naturally, there’s not a whiff of anything about who their characters might be or their roles in the as-yet-unknown plot, but it’s still fun to see who Abrams is roping in for his new flick.

Are they victims of alien abduction? The flick’s teaser trailer, released earlier this year, hinted that Super 8 would pertain to Area 51, aliens, and perhaps that famous alien autopsy (the subject of another film starring, uh, Ant and Dec).

Chandler is best known for his roles in TV series Friday Night Lights and Peter Jackson's King Kong , while Fanning has just received praise for her work in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere and is, of course, Dakota's younger sister.

What we do know is that Super 8 is both penned and will be directed by Abrams, with Steven Spielberg producing. It’s hitting screens next year, and is set in the year 1979.

According to Variety , shooting will commence this Autumn on a budget of around $45m. And no, it’s definitely, absolutely not a sequel/prequel to Cloverfield .

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