Sky Movies begins the Modern Great Debate

Film geeks up and down the country will be rubbing their hands together in glorious glee at the opportunity to join Sky Movies’ ‘Modern Great Debate’ after all, who doesn’t like arguing that their favourite flick is the best film of all time, ever, ever?

Our sister site have teamed with The Times (no relation) to hold the debate – with the best argument winning a Sky + box, and 6 months free subscription to Sky. But surely the best prize of all is the ability to boast to your mates that you officially have brilliant taste, right?

If you’re interested then get yourself here , register, and get started. You can have a conversation about The Conversation, argue with 12 Angry Men or point out Shawshank’s redeeming qualities – whatever, just make us proud, okay?

Source: ( Modern Greats )