Silberling's triple whammy

Brad Silberling’s keeping busy after working on Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events: he has three films in development.

First up is Ten Items Or Less, an independent drama he wrote before he started on Snicket, set among shop workers. "It's about a celebrity who gets lost in an LA minority community while researching a role, and how a chance meeting with a grocery checkout worker helps both of them turn their lives around," he told Variety . Morgan Freeman and Spanglish’s Paz Vega will star in the film currently planning a January start.

He’ll then slide into the already-announced Juno, a comedy drama about a pregnant woman who makes a strange decision regarding her unborn child. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also just announced his intention to direct The Crusaders in late 2006.

Source: ( Variety )

The plot is based on the Jack Greenberg memoir Crusaders In The Courts. It's the 1954 David vs Goliath case in which the author and Thurgood Marshall led the NAACP to win a case that helped end segregation in schools. Current hot talent Terrence Howard has signed to play Thurgood.