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Sam Raimi rebooting The Grudge

Japanese horror saga The Grudge is set to receive a fresh lease of life, courtesy of Sam Raimi, whose Ghost House Productions studio is moving forwards with a franchise reboot.

Of course, The Grudge has already been remade once before, with Sarah Michelle Gellar starring in a US language version back in 2004, which went on to produce a further two sequels.

The series tells the story of a long-dead family’s murderous rage, that reaches out from beyond the grave to plague anyone unfortunate enough to be in its vicinity.

Whether Raimi will be stepping behind the camera remains to be seen, although we do know he will be producing alongside Rob Tapert and Taka Ichise.

Midnight Meat Train ’s Jeff Buhler is currently hard at work on a script, with no release date confirmed at this point.

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