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Sally Hawkins says We Want Sex

Sally Hawkins has agreed to star in We Want Sex, which will chronicle the true-life tale of female Ford car plant workers striking for equal rights in 1968.

She’ll be among the leaders of the 850 female workers who went out on strike at the Dagenham plant because of sexual discrimination in their job evaluations.

The struggle went on to boost the women’s rights movements and help secure equal pay.

And it might be a Vera Drake reunion as Imelda Staunton is negotiating to join the movie, playing ‘60s employment secretary Barbara Castle, who invites the striking workers over for tea to discuss the situation. Well, it is the British thing to do, right?

Newcomer director Simon Curtis will be behind the camera, with Stephen Wooley - who describes the pic as "very funny and easy to relate to, very much in the vein of Billy Elliot and Calendar Girls." They'd better hope so...

[Source: Variety ]

Come on, then… great strikes of our time. Which one do you want to see made into a movie?