Russell Crowe putting the Fear Of God into people

Russell Crowe has formed his own production company and called it Fear Of God Films, which, in our opinion, is brilliant.

And he’s already planting his flag as a producer, slapping down his own dosh to option spec script Dolce’s Inferno rom writer Mark Staufer. It’s apparently a rom-com that finds a tough LA gossip columnist falling in love and sees his world fall into chaos. But while he’s helping get it made, Crowe’s not planning to star.

"I'm looking forward to collaborating with Mark, who is such a talented writer," Crowe gassed to Variety. It’s not really a surprising move for Crowe, who has already tested the directing waters with documentary Texas and plans to helm surfing pic Bra Boys at some point, as soon as his busy acting schedule clears.

Next year, expect him to show up to the set of Ridley Scott’s Nottingham planning to both star and work craft services. Insert your own “shrimp on the barbie” joke here.

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