Russell Crowe calls the shots for Bra Boys

If there’s one thing you know about Russell Crowe, it’s that he’s a man who likes to be in control. So it’s really no surprise that, after years of butting heads with directors, he’s leaping at the chance to take on the big chair himself.

Crowe will make his directing debut on Universal’s Bra Boys, a based-on-fact drama focused on a counterculture movement down under.

The idea springs from a documentary of the same name that chronicled the rise of an underground surfer revolution led by brothers Sunny, Koby and Jai Abberton in the sleeper Sydney seaside suburb of Marouba.

And the link with Crowe? He narrated the documentary. So at least he knows the story.

Someone else about to become very well acquainted with the tale is Stuart Beattie, who has been hired to write the script. We don’t yet know if the Crowe will take a role, though chances are he’ll be a little busy swinging the megaphone. Hopefully not at anyone…