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Rumour: David S. Goyer developing low-budget DC adaptations?

While David S. Goyer is heavily involved in Batman Vs. Superman , it seems that that isn’t the only DC property he’s working towards bringing to the big screen…

Bleeding Cool (opens in new tab) is reporting that Goyer is also involved in adapting several other DC comics into movie projects, albeit on significantly lower budgets than the aforementioned mega-sequel.

According to the report, the comics in question are Suicide Squad , Booster Gold , Team 7 and Deathstroke , all of which could be made for around $20 – 40 million apiece.

The idea is that Warner and DC would release two of these a year, one in spring and one in autumn, in addition to the higher-profile releases already on the slate.

It’s thought that the studio will make an announcement along these lines in 2014, in order to mount a serious challenge to Marvel’s emerging dominance in the comic-book movie market. Sounds like the spandex isn’t going anywhere for a while yet…

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