Ridley Scott to direct Cormac McCarthys The Counselor

Ridley Scott already has two massive sci-fi projects in the works – Prometheus and Blade Runner 2 – but that hasn’t stopped the director signing up to yet another gig in the form of drug drama The Counselor .

You can see why he'd be tempted. It's the second screenplay from renowned author Cormac McCarthy (his first was The Gardener’s Son ), and follows a well-respected lawyer who attempts to enter the drug business, but soon discovers he’s out of his depth.

Industry insiders are likening Counselor to McCarthy’s exceptional novel No Country For Old Men , which was previously turned into a movie by the Coen Brothers.

Better yet, word is that Michael Fassbender is being courted to play the film’s lawyer. That would make sense seeing as Fassy is one of the most exciting actors working today – and he’s recently finished a gig with Scott on Prometheus .

Considering the calibre of talent involved, The Counselor is definitely one to keep an eye on – especially if it turns out to be on a par with the excellent No Country For Old Men .

Before all of that, though, Prometheus opens on 1 June 2012.

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