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Pixar announces release date for The Incredibles 2

Alongside Marvel's mammoth announcement yesterday came word from another of Disney's studios, Pixar. During part of that same press conference The Mouse House's animation arm put an end to the years of rumors and speculation. Prepare yourselves, folks. We've finally got a release date for The Incredibles 2.

Pixar confirmed the June 19, 2019 date via Twitter. Before you sigh and curse the very word "sequel", rest easy. Brad Bird, who helmed the first instalment in 2004, is already signed up to write and direct. Judging by Bird's comments in recent interviews he's nearly finished wrapping up the script, said to include a barrage of unused ideas from the first movie.

No specific story details have emerge, although we can say with confidence that it will likely revolve around the loveable super-powered family from the first outing.

As for the rest of Pixar's roster, here's the full tweet with an attached infographic detailing the next four years of animated bliss:

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Gem Seddon
Gem Seddon

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