Paul W.S. Anderson will direct Resident Evil 6

In news that should surprise precisely no one, Paul W.S. Anderson has been confirmed to be returning to the director’s chair for Resident Evil 6 .

Ever since Sony revealed that they would be pressing on with another episode in the series, it has seemed unlikely that anyone else would be considered for the gig, and sure enough, Anderson has agreed to return for round six.

Anderson had always said that he would like to complete a second trilogy of the survival horror franchise, and it seems that he will now get his wish, with Milla Jovovich also expected to return in the lead.

No word as yet on title, plot or supporting cast, but it's thought that barring a huge success at the box office, this will likely be the last instalment in the series.

That said, the last film scored $221m globally (from an estimated $65m), proving that the franchise is still commercially viable, so don’t be surprised if we aren’t witnessing the death rattle for zombie-based mayhem just yet…

Resident Evil 6 will open in the US on 12 September 2014

George Wales

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