Patrick Tatopoulos unearths The Rise Of The Lycans

Len Wiseman has always talked up the fact that the Underworld plots came loaded with a hefty back-story that can explore the beginnings of the Lycan/Vampire conflict, and we’ve seen glimpses of it in both movies.

Now the back-story is moving to the front for the third franchise entry, The Rise Of The Lycans, which will mark the directorial debut of FX expert Patrick Tatopoulos.

Lycans will star Michael Sheen as Lucian, and follows his battle to free his fellow werewolves from slavery under the tyrannical reign of blood-sucking king Viktor (a returning Bill Nighy). But there’ll be no sign of Kate Beckinsale this time around; instead Rhona Mitra will fly the kick-arse female flag as Sonja, Lucian’s lover.

"For the first time we will experience the Underworld universe through the eyes of the Lycans," Wiseman gassed to Variety. "Patrick has always played such an essential part in helping to create Underworld from the start. So I feel it is both exciting and fitting that he now takes the helm.” Another founder member of the Underworld team is still involved – Danny McBride has again written the script.