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New Thorn In The Heart trailer

A new trailer for Michael Gondry’s The Thorn In The Heart ( L’Epine dans le Coeur ) has been released online.

Featuring moments of fittingly leftfield creativity, it makes the film look as emotional as one might expect a documentary about the director’s own family to be.

The film opened at least year’s Cannes, and has been sat on the shelf since then, waiting for release. Well, a UK release is still yet to be set, but this trailer has got us hoping it gets set loose here soon.

Centering on Gondry’s aunt Suzette, Gondry digs into her past as a schoolteacher from 1952 to 1986. It also examines her relationship with her son Jean-Yves, whom she taught.

The Thorn In The Heart is released Stateside on 2 April. His Seth Rogen Green Hornet flick hits screens worldwide on 29 December.

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